Thursday, July 14, 2011

MonaVie Family by Sherry Braswell

 Kent and Sherry are our good friends from NC, I want to share Sherry's thoughts on business and Her walk with Christ.

Good Morning MonaVie Family!

Kent & I hope you are having a wonderful summer with your friends & families!  Time invested with those you love is what makes gives true meaning!  Summer is the idea time to reconnect & reunite with friends & family that we lose contact with throughout the busy work/school year.  Relationships are the key to happiness, success & prosperity and the investment you make in people’s lives pay eternal rewards. 

As I mentioned in my email on Friday we will have 2 more events before the BIG arrival of MonaVie’s Vice President Jeff Graham in Raleigh on Oct. 4th.  We will have an Open Meeting in August and September.  Hawaiian Blue Diamond David Warden will be the presenter at our August meeting.  As you know MonaVie will be opening up India & China soon and David is currently in Hong Kong. He will return next week and we will confirm the date with him for our August meeting. 

There is another event that Kent & I want to warmly invite you to that is coming up on Friday, July 22th. Pastor Creflo Dollar is coming to the Raleigh Convention Center.  The event is FREE but you must register to secure a seat.  The link is:
Kent has been listening to Creflo for several years now and introduced me to him last year!  WOW!!!  We start our day with him every am!  Creflo is an incredibly wise & passionate man of God and we know that you will be inspired and motivated by his message. He has been studying God’s word for many years and the wisdom he will impart to you in a day will be life changing for you!  Kent & I truly believe that the foundation for a successful business, a successful marriage, a successful life period is a result of having a personal relationship with Christ.
Believe me…I’ve tried life both ways my friends…with Him and without Him… & WITH Him is SO, SO much better!!!  Recently Creflo has been teaching on the anointing & how God will put His “super” on your “natural” to achieve results in your life. Kent & I experienced a real life example of that very thing yesterday.  We had a call yesterday out of the blue from a person we had worked on for over a year and had “0” progress!  God’s hand was ALL over that call!   God can & WILL do in a second what will take you a lifetime to accomplish!  And He does this WHEN we choose to be obedient to Him and put Him first.  We must learn to GLANCE at our circumstances & STARE at Jesus!  Unfortunately, most people are not achieving results in their lives because they are doing the opposite…they are staring at their circumstances and glancing at Jesus.  This is WHY they are so frustrated & depressed with their lives! 
So many people think Brig Hart is a network marketing enigma.  HOW could Brig have achieved such great success with no formal education?  For Kent & I the answer is SO very simple…Brig is anointed by God to do what he is doing.  Brig figured out a long time ago that without Christ he was nothing but WITH Christ he could achieve ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Brig STARES at Jesus!  He doesn’t stare at the world & his circumstances!  If you stare at the world, stare at the news, listen to the negative nellies of the world everyday you won’t make it to lunch without wanting to slit your wrists!  Think about it…when you go to a Brig conference WHAT is the message Brig is most excited to deliver to you?  Is it MonaVie?  Is it the 10 step pattern for success?  NO!  It’s the message of Jesus Christ!
He knows that if YOU ever truly GET this you will have the foundation for a successful business & life! It’s simple my friends…the message the world sends is a “can’t message”, a push you down into the ground message that says you’re not worthy or capable of achieving great things.  God’s message is one of hope, love, inspiration…one that builds you up & inspires you to go above and beyond!
This is WHY we are inviting you to this conference!  WE LOVE YOU!  We want God’s very best for your life!  We encourage you to get on the phones today & invite your team!  Invite your neighbor!
Invite EVERYONE you know!  I promise you this, my friends…when you honor God with your time He will honor you with his favor & blessings!  There is no greater gift you will give to your business and to yourself than by attending this conference!

THANK YOU for allowing Kent & I to be a part of your lives!  YOU are so very special!  God wants to do great things in your life my friends!  Invest this time with him & watch Him show up in your business, your personal relationships & your everyday life!

Have a great day!