Saturday, December 12, 2009

Painting of your Pet.

I can work from your snap shot or an image I make. Please look at the sample in this post for an idea of what we can do for you. This is the image provided us by our client.

Thanks Wilber

This is the finished painting I created for her.
She was trilled, commenting "Now this is just what
I wanted."

Call us at 803-469-2440, we can arrange a planning session and get started for you. Prices are very reasonable.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Portraits / Christmas CardsW

What a fantastic time to have your children, grand children, full family together for "Portraits"; they are the number one requested gifts by Moms and Grand Mothers.


Grand Groups of Grand Children, wonder who they're cheering for on Turkey Day?? ; > )

Christmas Backgrounds are always a favorite,

Traditional White - you can never go wrong with this look.
Brothers and sisters, what Mom's heart would not melt finding this under the tree Christmas Morning?

Or This??

 Take a moment and call for your appointment and lets make someone very happy Christmas Morning. Packages or single image portraits are available and seasonal discounts are in effect right now.
Call 803-469-2440
Let us help you with all your portrait gift needs. Custom framing available and the service is always fast-come on have a great experience. Weekend and evening appointments are available, start now while we still have time to do it right.
Thanks Wilber and Margaret
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Senior Portraits are "FUN"!!!!!!!!!!

I want to achieve three things with all my senior sessions, fun for my client, fun for myself, client had a great experience and received everything they wanted, maybe that's four; anyway fun, fun and more fun.

We plan clothing and locations that make the photography exceititing , combining indoor and outdoor locations.

Take a few minutes (or longer if you like) and enjoy the photography we did for Roni and her Family.

These images were selected for wallets and personalizing is always free, be sure to ask for this service.

You will notice the copyright included in all of these images. We do that for the protection of our clients as well as ourselves for all images that are used in our blog and on facebook, it is not on your finished work.

This is a favorite image ! We always bring the iPhone loaded with music to make the session more fun.

Sports that you are competing in are great picture ideas.

Bring as many changes of clothing along as you want there is never an added charge for extra changes. Usually 6 works best but if you want more or less we're cool with that.

We are wide open to your ideas, this is your senior session so make it work for you.


                    Pets, or friends!! Bring them!!

We also have facebook CD's included in a lot of our packages.

Personalized service and never a line to wait in (you know what I mean).

See your images the same day we make them or we can schedule a time that works best for you and your family.

              Let yourself go, make it fun. You only do this once, so enjoy. Bring your own props or we have a lot to choose from. Or don't use any at all!!!!

Roni had a great time. She brought mom along and she had a good time too! No she didn't get in front of the camera, but she was a great help.

                       Yes we have the drape, cap and gowns too. Best to bring your own tassel with the year.

                We do not count the exposures, instead we work till we get what we want- but we don't take all day doing it.

              We have a planning session for all the senior photography, we find this best, that was we know what you want, making sure we cover all the bases.

                                 This is one of Roni's favorites.

That wraps it up for this session, BTW Dad like this image a lot too.

469-2440 Please give us a call and let's plan a session for you. Seniors, families, children you name it as long as it does not bite we will do a great portrait for you.

Thanks Wilber and Margaret Jeffcoat

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Clemson Tiger Portraits/October 10th 11-12:30

1224 Alice Dr. Sumter

Please call 469-2440 for more details/ we will have the Tiger Cub from Clemson in our studio on October 1oth from 11am~12:30 am. This is first come first served, just 90 minute of ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Thanks Wilber / Margaret

Steve and Judy, Friends and Clients

I would like to introduce you to Steve and Judy, they have been clients of Margaret and I since 1972, loyalty is wonderful and it is earned. The following is in Judy's own words, I really appreciate her taking the time to pen this for us. Enjoy.

"Wilber took the first photograph for us back in 1972, of  our three month old son who is now 37. He continued to photograph him and our daughter (now 33) throughout their young years and on into adulthood, including each of their weddings.

Now he is faithfully photographing our four grandchildren, ages 10 months
through 5 years. There is obviously a reason for this and it's not because he is the only photographer in town! There are others here in Sumter and elsewhere that have done work for us from time to time, but none compare to the work that we receive from Wilber and Margaret. He is creative, to say the least, and always has good ideas for each new piece; however, I think the thing that always stands out to me is that he allows me to be a part of the planning of each session.

Some of the time, I have a good idea of what I want to achieve with each work and he takes my ideas and enhances them.

 He is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what I would like. However, on those days when my mind is blank and I don't have an idea in the world of what to do, we can just talk it through and he will lead me to just exactly the right thing. Friends and family who see our photography always comment that they are the most beautiful and unusual works that they have ever seen.
We, of course, feel exactly the same way. The walls, tables, and shelves of our home are covered with photographs of our children and our grandchildren. Our art is of our family and Wilber and Margaret are responsible for most of it for one good reason; he is the BEST!" Thank you Judy.

We have also helped Judy and Steve with the framing of their family art as well as albums to highlight the growth of their grandchildren.

I find that working consistantly with a child or group of little ones allows us to create a relationship that usually yeilds the best results as a bond of trust developes.

Portraits add a warmth to a home like no other art form, where to hang them is personal. We find that no area is off limits as they bring life to any room.
We have a large selection of custom moldings and matting; turn around time is usually within a few days to a week.

Table easles allow more options for framed images like this lovely Christmas portrait of three very happy and special Grands.

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to Steve and Judy's home; making their portraits is always pleasure.
Thanks Wilber and Margaret

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Portraits/October 24th & 25th / Sooner if you like or need!!!!

Let's Go to the Beach!!

This is a family favorite every year!  Full extended families, couples, children and Grandparents with Grandchildren. The possibilities are endless, you name it and we can or have done it.
Lighting and the correct use of it is what gives a portrait magic, I love the early morning with the rising sun  or the late day sun. Either will work — but the morning light is the best.
There are other reasons for the morning, fewer people on the beach, the best tide and you never run out of light as you can on the end of the day.
I've selected three families to show you, their images reflect the way we approach every family session we create.  That is relationships, parents and children, children alone, cousins or sisters and brothers. Parents alone and individuals. It goes on and on - What is important to you?
First we will look at a session we did for Nell and Tommy, their son's and daughter's families and the grand's.
Running hand in hand on the edge of the surf
is always a must for a fun portrait. 
We work to have an interaction among the
family members, keeping eyes off of
the camera and myself.
Clothing is very important, yes I know Khakis and 
White shirts or jeans seems to be the norm. The 
idea is that the colors flow. If you throw in a bright
red, yellow or blue it destroys the flow of the image.
Just like putting up a big red stop sign and your eye goes not further. 
There are no real rules to this as much as what you want to look at hanging on your wall or sitting on your table.
Relationships-it is the glue that holds us all together.
These are memories that will last the rest of their and your lives'.
My 40 years of experience allows me to see things
in a unique way. We have "Fun"-the session
flows, children are laughing and sometimes there
are even a few tears (happy ones) as the process
What are these two thinking-other than the water
is cold.
I'm thrilled when a child reacts with an open
Heart and we connect. The images are wonderful and
This is evening lighting, soft and directional. That opens faces. You get skull looking heads when you work with high
I think these next two need no words
Family is what it is all about.
I try so hard not to make this stiff, this was not posed.
Just a little bit of direction and the love of the family members 
took over. You can see that.
Nell commented " The portraits are gorgeous! Wilber and Margaret were very helpful with clothing and makeup suggestions in the planning session. The session was a wonderful experience. The planning helped so much."
Amy commented " I really liked the way the pictures were presented-slide show / projected. Given two choices to pick from was sometimes difficult but made our final choice much easier. Both Nell and Amy rated the experience from session to finished work as

Now we will move on to family, Chris and Lisa.
This hangs in they're living room over their fire place.
The blue matting was selected for the web display, the finish portrait without the matting is 38x52 and framed in a silver-leaf frame-the finished presentation is excellent. I have a smaller size here at the studio-come by and take a look. This is morning light, see the soft glow-low light — very directional. The reflections in the sand are real-we don't do computer effects-they destroy the magic and everyone ends up with the same thing. 
Next we will be visiting with Clay and Gina and their three. This was one of the most fun
sessions we have done, they are all fun but this was something extra, you had to be there.
Oh before I forget, Color, Black and White, Sepia, Spot Color, Oil Paintings and Water Colors are all available for the sessions we do. I can explain more about that and put samples of my work that we've done for others in your hands when you come in for a planning session.
Gina is a runner so this image is very special to her.
Sisters, what a special relationship. Margaret (my wife of 42 years) and her sister Veronica have show me just how special this bond is. I won't tell you how long or I may be sleeping on the porch tonight.   
Smiles from the Heart!
The smiles say it all!
Relationships that are so special,
Memories that will last a life time.
Clay and Gina both said "This is our Family"
That is always our goal to create a unique portrait — one that you never tire of.
Thank you for taking time to visit with us. More in the next few days, so stay tuned.
Wilber and Margaret / Jeffcoat Photography
803-469-2440 or 469-2441
Please remember we will be doing beach portraits on the 24th and 25th of October
Give us a call and lets sit down and see what we can create for you.