Monday, December 20, 2010

RVL Weight loss Update

We have been in the program now for 40 days, Margaret is down a little over 19lbs and I'm down 22.6. We continue to do the two shakes a day, with mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and then a sensible dinner. We are not dropping a lot everyday, but on average I'm losing a little over  a half pound a day-which I feel is safe and with the RVL is attainable. Exercise is important- we are both doing something everyday. I'm so very proud of Margaret, she is up to 45 reps on the Torso Track (Susanne Summers invention) and that is a major accomplishment for her, she is coming down at a little over .4lb a day (by my count anyway). Her beautiful face is thinning, we are thrilled. If you like you can go to our Face Book page and see my before and in progress images, 22.6 of lard not hanging over my belt does make a difference and my back can tell the difference.
All for today, a new report for tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by,
Wilber and Margaret
BTW we are sorry for the Photobucket notice on the page-do not know where it came from and are working to get rid of it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MonaVie Business Builder Suggestions

Every 8 seconds...
Another Person Joins A Home Based Business!
Are they going to be in your business?... Only if they know about it!
A complete and current contact list is central to the success of your business! In addition to juice, consider your contact list your "inventory." Take it seriously and make a daily commitment to it. You have to have plenty of inventory!
Confidence to Succeed:
The more names on your list, the more confidence you'll have. If you only have 10 names on your list and the first three say no, you will feel pressure to sponsor the next seven and this can put you into "begging" mode and will greatly reduce your effectiveness. On the other hand, if you have 100 names and the first three say no, then you still have plenty of room to work.
Start with 75-200 Names:
Networking is one of the most profitable businesses in which one can engage. It is estimated that the average person knows at least 250 people and each of those people knows another 250. This means that for each new person you meet, you gain access to a potential pool of 62,500 people separated from you by just two degrees! Imagine the odds then, that out of so many potential prospects you would NOT find the one person who could become a super star. Once you have at least 75 names, you're ready to start making calls and get tastings on your calendar. Greet each new acquaintance with an openness to learn more about that person, a willingness to help, and an offer to stay in touch.
Don't Prejudge:
Add the names of everyone you know or will know. You may not even contact that person right away, but it may prompt you to remember other names. Everyone can benefit from better health, better wealth or both. We cannot make people build a MonaVie business, we can only show them. Remember, you're looking for people who are looking.
Where Can I Find Names?
The answer is simple; everywhere! Are you on Facebook? Add all of your Facebook friends to your list. Do you have a cell phone? Go through your contacts and put them on your list. Collect business cards, ask yourself, "who do I know who...
...wants additional income?" health conscious?"
...would like to stay home with their children?" concerned about retirement?"
...needs a "Plan B"
Keep Your List With You At All Times
At some point, you'll be driving down the street and think, "Steve would enjoy this." And if you don't have your list with you, you don't write Steve's name down, then you forget about him because other things push it out of your mind. Then, a few weeks later you see Steve at an open-meeting and say, "I was thinking of calling you about MonaVie. And he might say, "Oh, I just signed up yesterday and I've enrolled 4 people already!" Don't let this happen to you!
Exercise: Using the suggestions above, spend 15 minutes adding as many names as you can to your contact list.
Who Do I Call First?
Once you have a list, you need to organize it. First, go through the list and put the letter A beside anybody on that list that you consider a "people person." Someone that's good with everybody. Everybody likes them, and they like everybody. Then, go back through the list and put the letter B beside the people that are positive; the ones that just see the best of everything. Then go through the list one more time and put a C beside the people that are now successful or have been successful in the past. These people understand that it takes hard work to reach goals. Now, review your list and start with those having A,B, & C beside their names.
Tips for Handling Initial Rejection
1. Act as if each "No" is worth $ many no's can you get? Accept failure as the PRICE OF SUCCESS today, and keep striving forward.
2. Statistics show that people usually need to be approached 7 times before saying "yes," but nearly 50% of business builders will quit after just one call. The way to make the numbers work for you is to keep going when others quit.
3. No rarely means "no not ever." It usually means "not right now." Report back to your friends and family on your progress with MonaVie. Often times, people need to see you stick with it before they are ready to get involved.
Some people are great at making a list but fail to call anyone on it. The list keeps growing, but their business doesn't. It's important to learn how to approach people. It's not that people have trouble making approaches. It's that they don't do it often enough. If people would do it consistently, their business would skyrocket! While it's important to stay involved by attending meetings, if you're just going to meetings and never bringing new prospects to the meeting or approaching people on your own, your rank will never change. Be intentional- Make every meeting count!
Just as drinking MonaVie has become a daily habit, make contacting people on your list something you do every day. Commit yourself and your team to talking to one person every day from their list and you will have great turnouts at your home meetings. This one-a-day program simply means I-T-S (Invite, Taste, Share) with the end in mind of getting that person to your next tasting.
Calendar Your Time
Mark down on your calendar the times that you will make your calls. Your business will not grow if it is treated as a "whenever I get around to it" business. Look at your weekly schedule and mark two or three blocks of time during the week when you will make calls, hold home-meetings, and attend open-meetings in your area.
Exercise: Find a buddy to work with. Together, make a one-a-day commitment agreement. Call your buddy each night to confirm that you both shared the MonaVie opportunity with at least one person on your list. Hold each other accountable & celebrate your successes together!
Our goal is to become a leader of leaders. Commit yourself, don't compare yourself. Stay positve, focused, open-minded, team up, and participate fully. Build STARS and STAR MAKERS. Treat them like Diamonds and you'll have a tremendous business!