Monday, January 31, 2011

Weigh In, Quotes and Brigisms

Good Morning/Afternoon-Morning weigh in was not a success as in we lost, I won’t get to involved other than we must have enjoyed that shrimp boil on Saturday more that we thought, the am will give us the facts and I will share more then. We are on the crest of a wave of success and this is a bump in the road and we go on from here. It happens-we don’t throw up the hands and quit or cry, combined loss in 10 weeks is 54lbs ( we are pleased for one another).

I’ve made  a decision to read through Brigs’ book three times, first to get a good feel for it, second with pen and yellow highlighter(this is where I am now) and  a third time with a journal to take some notes to grow by. It really is amazing what you can learn this way.

Success Principle
         “Stick to what you know. Don’t expect what you don’t inspect on a regular basis. Trust but verify. It’s called good stewardship.”Brig Hart

I started thinking about the amount of money that is spent on weight management products annually (these figures are for the US only) and it is more than staggering it is totally mind boggling. They tell us it is around $60,000,000,000.00 (yes that is 60 billion $$$), so let’s look at it this way about $164,383,561.66 US Dollars are spent on Weight Management “DAILY” – That is 24/7/365 days a year. Or (and I like this one) if you Had $60 billion to spend you could spend $165.4 million a year for 365 years and with interest you would “NEVER” run out of money (that is $450,000 and walking around change a day-just in case you were wondering ;>)… Now you tell me that this is not a lucrative business to be in… Thank you MonaVie and RVL. Where else can you have an opportunity to get a piece of a pie that is this “HUGE” and for under $50.00…? Well???

Ok moving along- time for a Brigism “Don’t take life to seriously, you aren’t going to get out of it alive anyway”Brig Hart

I take this to mean we have to “discipline our disappointment” (Jim Rohn)- people are going to tell us no (sometimes-it happens) but hey they pay baseball players with a batting average of 300 - $3,000,000.00 a year –that means they strike out 7 out of ten times to bat, that’s not to shabby. So how thick is your skin going to be to get your share of the $60,000,000,000.00 pie. Like I’m talking Rhino Willie here folks- yeah baby- Rhino!!! (I’m learning).

Now before someone jumps all over me about “The Evils of Money” a few points that I have come by.  1. Money is Amoral: That is it isn’t good or bad. It’s whose hand you put it in the makes the difference..!  2. Money merely magnifies or makes you more of what you already are… You can give it all away if you want, but just think of all the lives you will affect along the way with better health.

Let me wrap this up with a motivational quote (can ya take anymore??) before you hit the delete button.

"Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking. And your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see."
— Quote from A Course in Miracles

Thanks Wilber and Margaret

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Changes come from Small Steps

 This is a repost from Sherry Braswell, She and Kent are Diamonds in MonaVie, Born Again Christians, and just all around great people.
Wilber and Margaret 

Big Changes comes from Small Steps…

God speaks to us in so many different ways.  Yesterday…He spoke to me from the back of a bag of Sun Chips.
I saw this statement written on the back of the bag.…”Big changes comes from small steps”.  What a simple yet profound & true statement.  Life seems complicated at times but that’s because WE complicate it.  It really isn’t.
God’s laws are very simple, direct and unchanging.  This is one of those laws.  It applies to most everything in life…your marriage, your relationship with your children, your job, your health…it touches every aspect.
Think about it…any GREAT thing you have or ever will accomplish occurred “over time” as the result of small everyday actions.  Want to lose weight?  We all know the secret to that...healthy eating habits & exercise over time.
Want a good marriage?  Invest a little time each day putting your spouse first…strong marriages are built over time.  Stock market & real estate investments?  Invest small amounts each month over time. Our parents & grandparents understood that these were “long term” investments…not today’s instant gratification mentality.  Wanna have healthy well balanced teenagers?  Invest a little quality time each day with them as they are growing up.

The point is this…Success in life is not about doing it ALL today…it’s about doing a “little bit” everyday.  The Bible tells us that even when we seek to “change” ourselves it does not occur overnight.  Through God’s help and grace we will change “glory by glory.”  This means it will take “time.”  Network marketing is no exception to this rule.  It requires that you discipline yourself to do a little bit each day and over time the “little becomes BIG.”  I have a girlfriend who has exercised “15” minutes a day since I’ve known her in college.  No more…no less.  She is consistent as the sun is coming up in the am with her workout.  Some exercise buffs would say this is not enough but time has proven them wrong.  She is in great shape and looks as good as the days we were in college. 

We often say this business is not a sprint but a marathon because at the end of the day the “turtle” does win the race.
This is “why” 95% of people who stick with this industry & don’t give up make a LOT of money! 
Try going to the gym the 1st week in January and then go the 1st week of Feb.  Most people don’t even stick with it a month!  More than half of success in life is just NOT giving up!

Kent & I were watching Pastor Creflo Dollar this morning and his message was Breaking Down the Walls of Containment over our lives. He said the reason Satan tries to contain Christians and keep them in financial bondage is that he doesn’t want them to be heard. He wants to keep them contained to keep them silent…with no voice in the world!  Think about it…when you are successful and earn the right to be heard people LISTEN to you.  Look at Brig and the thousands of people he has brought to Christ.  And we all know that it hasn’t been easy for Brig.  Satan has bombarded Brig with adversity but Brig never gives up! Satan knocks him down and he gets up swingin’!  He is determined!  He is persistent!  He uses the adversity as fuel and passion for Christ!  He always perseveres!   How do we receive our breakthrough?  Creflo says we don’t do it by simply KNOWING the truth. We can know WHAT to do and not do it and see no results in our lives.  We do it by CONSISTENCY & PERSEVERANCE.  We do it with the small steps we take everyday.  It is not the one stone we throw that breaks down the wall…but by the stones we throw each and everyday.  The stones are our faithful steps forward each day. 

And the adversity gets the greatest right BEFORE your breakthrough.  This week Kent & I had something happen in our lives that was a direct attack from the enemy.  We knew it.  We didn’t understand it but the difference today is that we don’t HAVE to understand it.  We simply trust God.  God says…”ALL things work together for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.”  We know that whatever Satan means for our harm God will turn around for our good.  As long as we remain peaceful, align ourselves with His word and allow God to vindicate us we be victorious.  Kent & I believe this with our whole hearts.  We are NOT in the driver’s seat of life…GOD IS!  Allow him to drive and you will get to your destination!  And believe me you will ENJOY the journey a whole lot more!

Kent & I have learned a lot of life changing & valuable things over the past 2 years in this business.  We have learned a WHOLE LOT about ourselves…our strengths and our weaknesses.  We have also learned to be THANKFUL for the hard times…without them we would miss out on the biggest blessing of all…our closeness to God.  “need” Him as much.  We tend to get too self reliant and that always backfires in our face. Had it not been for this recession we would not have found MonaVie and we would not know YOU. No matter how big of a mess we make with our lives, no matter how many poor decisions we make, God has the ability to turn it all around for our good.  And He will…if we simply have “faith” and do our part.
 We have also learned to always focus on the positive. We do not get caught up in people leaving our business.  We know that only 20-25% of people will “stick” with this business.  Only 20% of people stick with anything in their life.  Don’t sweat it!   We help those who “want” to be helped and “pray” for those who don’t.
We focus on the ones who want a better life and help them to achieve it. We know that God is in control and that He will open doors for us if we discipline ourselves just to do a “little bit” each day. Maybe your little bit is giving up an hour of TV each night to make a couple of phone calls.  Whatever your commitment is…COMMIT to it & do it!  Consistency with the little is what creates the BIG over time!

Our Team Goal is to bring One Million people into MonaVie over the next 3 years!  20% of a million is 200,000 people!  Changing the quality of 200,000 peoples lives…physically, spiritually, emotionally & spiritually!  That is the GOAL!  2011 is YOUR year! 

We love you!  Have a great day! 


Food and The "Lord" or "The Lord" and food.

Posted by Wilber Jeffcoat/Thoughts on Pastor Clay's message and our experience with the RVL Weight Management System-call us for details.

We had a very interesting message this morning, Clay was right on the money with the fact that obesity is epidemic. The last figures that I saw placed 34% of the US population with a BMI ( body mass index) of 30+ (that means obese) and 77% with a  BMI ranging from 25 to 30 - so overweight to obese. Did you also know that a "Child" that is overweight at age 11 had a 51%+ chance of being Morbidly obese as an adult?? If you want to see what morbidly obese looks like ~ watch the biggest loser when the men first start and take off the shirts-sad to say the "VERY" least. When Margaret and I started our weight management program my BMI was at 30 and a year ago it was way over 30. Now mine is 24.8 and going down.(24.9 is the top of the normal range), Margaret is not talking, that is OK-she is on the program and losing weight and feeling great everyday and satisfied.  I also see that she has taken her eyes off of the Food, Margaret is growing in the Lord and I know that he is helping her step by step.

We learned this morning that John 4: 31~34 tells us that we can have our physical needs satisfied with spiritual food. When we are doing or working to achieve our God given purpose he spiritually satisfies our physical needs and that means food too. To me it always boils down to one thing and that is taking our eyes off of us and keeping them on the Lord. He will satisfy all our needs and desires-we just have to let go and let the Lord. As Clay said we have all been involved in some event or activity and simply forgotten to eat-we sure didn't die or go mad-we made it through- we were working on the purpose God intended for us to be doing at that time and maybe for our lives.

This has been an issue in my life as well, forever. Momma and Daddy were both children of the Great Depression and with many siblings at the dinner table they always had to fend for themselves come meal time. They never went hungry, they raised most of the food that went on the table, so when it came time to raise their own families they made sure we had what they did not and lots and lots of it. You would not dare leave the table at breakfast, lunch or dinner with out cleaning your plate (there were children starving in China-never could figure out why my over eating would help some child in the far east). God help you if you took seconds and did not eat it all-that was a sin above all others and you really did not want to go there. Over the years the added calories started to add up and before you know it the familiar spare tire started to form, eating more than you burn up started to add up in my adult life as well. The yrs I spent in the Air Force did tend to thin me out as it were, they usually don't want fat people on air crews and working as a flight engineer on a rescue helicopter made that go double. But the last forty years of wedding photography every weekend and all those ham biscuits(my weakness Clay) at the reception have added up. Funny how you never see one bite at a time coming until you wake up one morning and look at a "FATTY" in the bath room mirror.

The last nine weeks (yes I said 9) have been wonderful for the waist line and the life line. Clay made a statement this morning that I have heard 3 or 4 time prior this year-"We all have a Story to Share" ! What is "My Story, what does it mean to his will in my life." The other point that I heard made was that I (we) have no right to deny others our story-Think about it this way-if we don't take care of the body that the Good Lord gave us we may not be around to share that story with others. As Clay was talking about the Uncle that died 10yrs ago and then his grandson that died in a car accident this past yr, was Grand Daddy meant to be here to talk or mentor the grandson, might he still be alive today had Grand Daddy taken care to keep living-Well God knows and we all will some day. The point is that we have all sorts of ways that we can take care of ourselves with proper nutrition, exercise, proper rest, loving others and our selves, Loving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, or we can take our own lives (God Forbid) and that can be fast or slow-over eating can be just as deadly as any other form of suicide it just takes longer and is usually far more painful - emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Clay challenged us to ask God to show us the finish line in our lives, there is no clock with our name on it, it's not a matter of your time is up. I want to live life as fully as I can, having lived so that when I leave this place for Heaven that I will still be young inside, that I will have fulfilled God's purpose here. Join us this Thursday as we fast for at least 2 meals-we give up that to show our love for our Lord and Savior.

Remember Please that
A. We all have a Spiritual Gift
B .We all have resources to share-time, possessions, knowledge, finances, etc.
C. A Story to Share

John 4: 34 This is a spiritual issue not a food issue/ God has a reason for us to be here!

Wilber and Margaret Jeffcoat
MonaVie Distributors #2552824
RVL for the health of your Family and You.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well worth the read

The Great Equalizer…

by sbraswell on Jan.25, 2011, under Inspiration and Motivation
 Relational Marketing is the great equalizer because it is built on ATTITUDE.  You are paid based on your “attitude” not your “ability.”  Charles Swindoll, a minister & bestselling author, wrote,“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on my life.  Attitude, to me, is more than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill…
The remarkable thing is that we have a CHOICE every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past; we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only think we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our ATTITUDE.  I’m convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with you.  We are in charge of our ATTITUDES. Successful people always concentrate on the end result, while others get stuck on the process, the “how.”  People with limited thinking ask “why”?  Those with unlimited thinking ask “why not”? Successful people NEVER give up on their goals…they just change their attitudes. 
 And to have a great attitude you need to AVOID DEPRESSION…dream stealers & negative people!  Often the negative people are family members or close friends!  Because your success in this business depends more on your attitude than your ability it is important that we spend time associating with people who are positive and support us in our desire for success.  Set clear rules for those who are constantly talking negatively about our business or criticizing our dreams.  My motto is this…”Positive comments or NO comments at all….I simply don’t DO negative!” And depression can’t win if you’re constantly learning, bettering yourself, and associating with other positive people! And remember…the secret to survival is simply not to give up!  The way to avoid despondency is to keep the faith! Long-term residual income never came to quitters.  And be persistent. It’s not what we do once that gives us a good result but it’s what we do over and over again!  Failure can’t handle persistence…persistence always wins in the end.  95% of people who remain in this industry for 10 years or longer reach the highest pay levels in their respective companies.  Whatever you do, just don’t quit!
And be thankful for life’s challenges…they are essential to our growth!  Without them, we would fall into a comfort zone bringing our creativity to a screeching halt.  For several years our wireless business was “coasting on auto pilot”…doing very well with a minimal amount of effort on our part.  During this time…I DID NOT experience a lot of personal growth…I was in a “RUT” and even though our finances were strong I was not fulfilled and happy. As Dave Ramsey said…you don’t get close to God going up the mountain but on the way down. The last three years have been filled with a lot of challenges, a lot of hard work, a lot of patience & persistence and a whole lot of FAITH!  Kent & I have never been closer and we’ve never been at filled with such contentment and peace.  And where there is peace there is power!  We laugh more than we’ve ever laughed in our lives and we’re having the time of our lives!  It doesn’t seem like “work” because we are enjoying ourselves.  If you’re not having FUN you’re simply not doing it right!  You should get up each am saying…I GET to share MonaVie today!  What a privilege!
 The only thing holding you back is your OWN MIND-SET.  You reprogram your brain though POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS (p. 68-69 in Your First Year in Network Marketing).  Turn off the time stealing TV…get your nose in a good book…& ATTEND ALL OF OUR EVENTS!   YOU have a family now that believes in YOU…positive people that BELIEVE in your dreams!  You see my friend… that is what this industry of Network Marketing is all about…building people up, not pushing them down like Corporate America. It is about helping people to be ALL that God has destined them to be…helping them to take control of their future!
 Relational Marketing is a PERSONAL GROWTH BUSINESS!  It is about becoming BIGGER than your problems!  If you are open to changing it will transform you from the inside out.  It will bring out the best in you and the worst in you.  Your business will only grow to the extent you are personally growing.  If you want to attract positive, successful, upbeat people to your team then you gotta BE THAT PERSON!  YOU can all do it!  I came from a very negative family and I have invested a whole life time into re-programming my mind.  If I can do it…SO CAN YOU!   After all…God knows how very special YOU are…He made only one of YOU!  And He wants only the BEST for you!  But in order to give it to you…you have to be in agreement with Him!
 We love you!  Have a great day!


Morning weigh in, Margaret is at set point and I dropped a pound, -29.6 = 198.8 and that brings me to 24.8 BMI and that is .2 into the normal range. This is fantastic for both of us. We are having a taste it and shake it party this Saturday at 7:30 pm at our home-come and see what all the good news is about with the RVL weight management system.
Thank you
Wilber and Margaret

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th 2011

We just came off a 4 day swing through Raleigh and Waxhaw meals out and out of our daily routine as we are building our MonaVie business. Morning weigh in shows Margaret and I have remained the same, no loss no Gain-fantastic news. Really is great what your body will do when the system is working right.

So many times we feel we cannot eat out-what will I do-I will blow it big time. Margaret and I try to make the same choices we would for our sensible evening meal at home. Watching the offerings, is it fried, is the choice just empty calories, portion size (for some reason my restaurants want to make everything supper size)-you are the one in charge of what you put in your body. Just because it is on your plate does not mean it has to go into your body, there is a lot to be said for a little self control. If we have a little too much fun at dinner-we just get back on the program and move forward, this is fun-it’s called life and we want to have fun living it.

I think everyone is familiar with Joan Lunden, please read this and then tune in and watch this program.

 If you are familiar with the World Progress Report television series, hosted by Joan Lunden and broadcast via public television, you may have seen significant interviews with prominent figures such as President George Bush, Colin Powell, Donald Trump, Martin Sheen, and Gary Sinise, as well as major universities like Yale and Berkeley.
We are pleased to announce the next prominent “figure” to be featured on the WPRTV series is MonaVie!
The documentary will air January 24, during peak and prime times to over 96 million households in all 50 U.S. states on over 200 local stations, including, but not limited to CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Family Net, Discovery Channel and CNN Headline News. Times are subject to Public Television Affiliates and Voice of America/World Net station logs, all of which have the option to air the documentary again and again through January 2012, so check local listings.
A longer version of the documentary is available now on the World Progress Report YouTube Channel and on the MonaVie YouTube Channel.
The documentary features Founder, Chairman and CEO Dallin A. Larsen, Senior Vice President Jeff Graham, Scientific Advisory Board Member Stephen Talcott, and International Distributor Ambassador Randy Schroeder. In addition, MonaVie’s newest product, MonaVie RVL, is featured, giving you one more way to share the great MonaVie product and opportunity with more people.

This is HUGE advertising for our business!  Tell all of your friends to tune in!  MonaVie is on the NATIONAL STAGE!!!

"You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think."
— Quote from “A Course in Miracles”

This is all for the moment more to come

Friday, January 21, 2011

Reposted from Kent and Sherry Braswell's Blog- Sherry takes such good notes-we love her (you too Kent).

We spent the evening with our friends in Raleigh NC and Marion and Herbert Boan joined us, Ron interviewed Herbert about his fantastic weight loss (Marion was so proud of her man). We learned a lot, we can hardly wait to put it into action. We will be in Waxhaw tomorrow evening for a home tasting and shake it party with our son Chris and his Family. RVL is changing the face of weight loss in America and the world-call us 803-468-6482 to schedule your Shake it Taste it party. As of this Morning Margaret is -23.5 and I am -29- we feel fantastic-Join Us. Thanks Wilber and Margaret

by sbraswell on Jan.21, 2011, under Health and Wellness

WOW!!!  The Open Meeting last night with Royal Black Diamond Rod Prudhomme was INCREDIBLE!!!  He is SO real!   And he surprised us with a special guest…Black Diamond Tim Wilson.  Tim was THE person who found MonaVie for Brig when his doctor instructed him to find a fruit beverage to help with his melanoma.  We had the privilege of hearing from Ron, George and Tim…it was WONDERFUL!  They each brought valuable insight, training and inspiration to our team. 
Kent & I arrived early to help Ron and George set up.  Ron pulls into the parking lot with his gigantic house on wheels.  He was pulling his RVL wrapped hummer behind him.   It was a sight to see!  At the end of the meeting he was gracious enough to show several of us inside his RV… WOW!  It was beautiful!  Kent & I have added that to our WHY.  Gotta put a picture of that on our Dream Board!
  I thought to myself…he has done this in less than 5 short years in a 5 billion dollar juice business.  Imagine what his next RV will look like in 5 more years in an 80 billion dollar weight loss industry!  Or better yet…imagine what YOURS is gonna look like!  Imagine how FREE YOU can be…YOUR friends can be!  As we were helping him unload he was commenting on how beautiful our state was and how UNTAPPED our market is.  He said…Sherry you guys are sitting on such a GOLD MINE here in NC!  Ron is from Jacksonville, Florida but is thinking of moving here to NC.   Did you know that we already have 5 Black Diamonds that have already moved to NC?  (Lake Lure).  They are buying up prime lake property. They SEE the potential here!  It’s gonna EXPLODE here this year!
Below are a few of the HIGHLIGHTS from this incredible meeting:
Did you know that the folks who design for ESTEE LAUDER are the ones who do the design on our products?
We are the ONLY company in the entire WORLD who has  ACAI WEIGHT MANAGEMENT!  We have 4 international patents on acai!  We have 8 patents on RVL!
358 lbs lost from the people at the meeting last night!  Albert Kennan has lost 91/2 inches off of his waist and 34 lbs!  One gentleman traveled all the way from Sumter, SC. He is completely off his diabetes medication and has lost over 36 lbs.  He was scheduled for Vascular surgery on his legs but has been cancelled due to his amazing results with the juice and RVL.
51% of obese kids grow up to be morbidly obese!
Wanna see how much money is spent on weight loss everyday?  Every minute?  You will be astounded!  There’s definitely no recession with regards to WEIGHT LOSS!   Go to   The numbers are clicking faster than our national deficit! 
There is over 344,750,281 OBESE people in the world!  8 out of 10 people are OVERWEIGHT!  You can also see on the above worldometer the amount of money spent on OBESITY RELATED DISEASES…that number is clicking so fast I couldn’t write it down…over $120,000,000!!!  Now…ask yourself the question…is THIS THE BUSINESS TO BE IN???  Folks are already spending TONS of money on weight loss!  And we have the #1 weight loss solution in the world!
SUGAR CONSUMPTION:  100 years ago the average person consumed 6lbs of sugar/yr.            
                                                           50 years ago the average person consumed 30 lbs of sugar/yr
                                                           In 2005 the average person consumed 156 lbs of sugar/yr.

We’re looking for people who want FREEDOM.   We’re looking for peole who want more than what they have now and are willing to do something about it.   Your objective in this business is to learn to SORT.
When Ron first got into MonaVie he put 10 “true” hours per week in the busines.  He saw it as a business and treated it as a business.  Now it pays him as a business!
When people ask Ron…”how much does RVL cost?”  He says…NOTHING!  It’s FREE!  You’re replacing a meal.  “My grocery bill is CHEAP he says…only $240/month for everything!”
George Reid was in the life insurance business for over 13 years and was not treated well by his boss.   He wanted a way out! He wanted freedom!  He said to be successful you have to partner with people who have  their act together.  Hang out with the 8,9, & a 10’s of the world.  He said when he first got into MonaVie he was a 4-5…after 5 years of associatinbg with the 8,9 and 10’s…he’s now become one!  He is set for life in this business!  He has a Black Diamond on one side and a Royal Black Diamond on the other!  That can be YOU too!
Great Qualifying Questions:
“Are you getting all that  you want from what you’re doing  right now?
“If time & money were no issue what would you be doing right now?
“Where else can you go where you can earn $2,000-$5,000/wk in residual income that will last you for the rest of your life”?  If you are interested I will HELP you!  You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.
Ron said he’s getting BACK TO THE BASICS!  Get back to the core of this business which is RECRUITING!  He has partnered up with George because Ron likes to recruit and George is a great sponsorer.  The key is partnering up with someone who has strengths in areas you do not.  He says George is the detailed, product man!  Ron has NO clue what’s in the juice and doesn’t care…but he LOVES to recruit people.  Once he recruits them he sends them to George to train.   Embrace your strengths & manage your weaknesses!
Get folks on the ONLINE CUSTOMIZED PROFILE with RVL.  It’s FREE with the program. Go and have them register.  It is proven that if people don’t track their results on a daily basis they won’t reach their target and they will gain the weight back.  This is a VERY important part of the program!
Kent & I got a call from one a Silver in our business this am!  She was SO excited!  She said it was the BEST meeting yet!  Something CLICKED for her last night!  This is WHY we tell you to attend ALL of the meetings!You can never learn too much!  You gotta stay around the 8,9,& 10’s if you want to become one!
There is a SUPER OPEN TEACHING & TRANINING in Charlotte that Ron & Charlie Kalb are doing on FEB. 20th!   If you are serious about building your MonaVie business YOU NEED TO BE THERE!  It’s a FACT…NC is the HOT SPOT for MonaVie in 2011!  The only question is “will YOU be part of it”?  We want YOU to be!  So commit to EVERY EVENT & TAKE YOUR FOLKS WITH YOU!  Pack the car and make it a FUN NIGHT!  We all need more FUN in our lives!
THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night!  We love you & appreciate you!  We missed those of you who weren’t there and look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The following are notes that I made at TPC in Orlando Fl. This is from a talk that was presented by Pastor Paul Zink, I will try to keep it as close to what he said as possible.

The sun total of action, quality of character, motives and spiritual belief which becomes and individuals established historical relevance that can be observed and memorialized so as to be passed on to future generations.  
                                                                 Anchor Points
These are components of Legacy, points that we return to-to keep us at a solid point/s a solid footing. With these we create a covenant with our vision, with these we build people.

   1. Love Based- #1 motive
   2. Engaged Heart  - you need to be one on one to build people.

   3. Generational consciousness-we live for the next generation, for what is coming from behind me. We are laying the ground work for those that come after us. We must be a teacher that knows how to live.
   4. Have Activated Passion . This is the fuel that carries you on in your business. Passion is what fuels your life.

   5. Conviction Driven, Everyone has faith- God and His Son "Jesus Christ" - We do because we believe- and not because we are being watched (although we are always being watched). We do what is right-again with a generational consciousness as we are setting the standard for those that come after us.

   6. Yoke Bearing- you, we, I -all have a mission, this must be done with excellence. Just like the Ox or mule that is attached to it's' Yoke so are we to the mission of our life. Do it with "Excellence!!

                                          Notes of Interest

Legacies are corporate as well as individual, they include Families, congregations, cities, nations and people groups.

Where there is no God all things are permissible-this statement made me stop and think about the direction that our country is taking...

Hebrews 11:39

We are a community of Generations

It is important for Fathers to trust their children...

Isolation breeds deception...(that was something that I had not thought off before and it is so true) - God never intended for us to live our life in isolation.

Life is God's school to teach you/ I character... You can ignore God but he will never go away.

Remember that God cannot bless that which operates outside of his nature...

Never Judge a man or woman by his or her philosophy but instead judge them by what their philosophy produces...

We can all quit or press on, we all have a story, we all have a legacy to leave behind to the next generation...

Then this one comment has stuck with me most poignantly- and that was about sue-aside. We have no right to denie others the fullness of our story... Do the best with what you have in your hand and quit complaining about what you don't have!!!!!!!

I learned a lot this past weekend and I hope these notes will be of value to someone out there on our team or if you happened to wonder by.

God Bless you and your family and friends.
Wilber and Margaret
Just got off the phone with George & guess what??? 

GUESTS are FREE for Thursday night’s meeting!!!  SO PACK YOUR CARS!!!
FREE RVL SHOTS & GUESTS ARE FREE!!!  It just doesn’t get any better than that!!!  Put the word out to EVERYONE you know! 
And we want anyone who has lost more than 5+ lbs to stand up and give your story!!! 
This is THE kickoff meeting for our RVL Tsunami wave of 2011!!!  Woo..hooo!!!

Hello Team!!!

This Thursday is the BIG DAY!!!  We are SO, SO excited!!!  Royal Black Diamond Rod Prudhomme and Hawaiian Black Diamond George Reid are coming to Raleigh!!!  This is BIG! BIG! BIG! for YOU!!!  Passion & Excitement are 80% of this business & these guys are FULL of it!!!  Remember my blog today on Decision?  This would be one of those WISE DECISIONS that will mark the turning point in your life and your business! 

Raleigh is the HOT SPOT on the East Coast for MonaVie!  We are giving away FREE SHOTS of RVL to everyone!  We want all of your friends & family to taste it and feel the excitement and energy that will fill that room!   Please get on your phones TODAY & CALL, CALL, CALL EVERYONE you know!  Remember, you are the message…not the messenger.  You just make the call and encourage them to go…God will open their hearts and minds.  Do this with BELIEF and you will PACK YOUR CAR Thursday night!

2011 is the Year of Harvest my friends!  You do your part and God will most certainly do His!  Your life can and will change this year!  All you gotta do is step out in faith & commit to bringing people to this event!  We will do the rest!

THANK YOU for all that you do!  We love you from the bottom of our hearts and know that this is THE YEAR all of your dreams & goals are going to come true!  We believe it and speak it over your lives!  We can’t wait to see you on Thursday!  TPC has fired us up beyond belief and we are prepared to help create a SEA OF DIAMONDS on the East Coast this year!  We want one of those to be YOU!!!

See you on Thursday! 

Wilber and MargaretJ

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Holiday Inn, Brownstone, Raleigh
Date: This Thursday, Jan. 20th

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Team!!! Weigh in first-Margaret and I hit a set point this morning-that is fine-as we are losing about 1/4 of a pound a day or more. Tomorrow is a new day and will bring us both closer to our goals.

We want to welcome Kay R. who joined the MonaVie family as a preferred customer today-God's blessing as you work toward your weight goals, we are there with you 24/7.

This Thursday is the BIG DAY!!!  We are SO, SO excited!!!  Royal Black Diamond Rod Prudhomme and Hawaiian Blue Diamond George Lee are coming to Raleigh!!!  This is BIG! BIG! BIG! for YOU!!!  Passion & Excitement are 80% of this business & these guys are FULL of it!!!  Remember my blog today on Decisions?  This would be one of those WISE DECISIONS that will mark the turning point in your life and your business! 

Raleigh is the HOT SPOT on the East Coast for MonaVie!  We are giving away FREE SHOTS of RVL to everyone!  We want all of your friends & family to taste it and feel the excitement and energy that will fill that room!   Please get on your phones TODAY & CALL, CALL, CALL EVERYONE you know!  Remember, you are the message…not the messenger.  You just make the call and encourage them to go…God will open their hearts and minds.  Do this with BELIEF and you will PACK YOUR CAR Thursday night!

2011 is the Year of Harvest my friends!  You do your part and God will most certainly do His!  Your life can and will change this year!  All you gotta do is step out in faith & commit to bringing people to this event!  We will do the rest!

THANK YOU for all that you do!  We love you from the bottom of our hearts and know that this is THE YEAR all of your dreams & goals are going to come true!  We believe it and speak it over your lives!  We can’t wait to see you on Thursday!  TPC has fired us up beyond belief and we are prepared to help create a SEA OF DIAMONDS on the East Coast this year!  We want one of those to be YOU!!!

See you on Thursday! 

Wilber and Margaret J

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Holiday Inn, Brownstone, Raleigh
Date: This Thursday, Jan. 20th