Thursday, October 1, 2009

Clemson Tiger Portraits/October 10th 11-12:30

1224 Alice Dr. Sumter

Please call 469-2440 for more details/ we will have the Tiger Cub from Clemson in our studio on October 1oth from 11am~12:30 am. This is first come first served, just 90 minute of ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Thanks Wilber / Margaret

Steve and Judy, Friends and Clients

I would like to introduce you to Steve and Judy, they have been clients of Margaret and I since 1972, loyalty is wonderful and it is earned. The following is in Judy's own words, I really appreciate her taking the time to pen this for us. Enjoy.

"Wilber took the first photograph for us back in 1972, of  our three month old son who is now 37. He continued to photograph him and our daughter (now 33) throughout their young years and on into adulthood, including each of their weddings.

Now he is faithfully photographing our four grandchildren, ages 10 months
through 5 years. There is obviously a reason for this and it's not because he is the only photographer in town! There are others here in Sumter and elsewhere that have done work for us from time to time, but none compare to the work that we receive from Wilber and Margaret. He is creative, to say the least, and always has good ideas for each new piece; however, I think the thing that always stands out to me is that he allows me to be a part of the planning of each session.

Some of the time, I have a good idea of what I want to achieve with each work and he takes my ideas and enhances them.

 He is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what I would like. However, on those days when my mind is blank and I don't have an idea in the world of what to do, we can just talk it through and he will lead me to just exactly the right thing. Friends and family who see our photography always comment that they are the most beautiful and unusual works that they have ever seen.
We, of course, feel exactly the same way. The walls, tables, and shelves of our home are covered with photographs of our children and our grandchildren. Our art is of our family and Wilber and Margaret are responsible for most of it for one good reason; he is the BEST!" Thank you Judy.

We have also helped Judy and Steve with the framing of their family art as well as albums to highlight the growth of their grandchildren.

I find that working consistantly with a child or group of little ones allows us to create a relationship that usually yeilds the best results as a bond of trust developes.

Portraits add a warmth to a home like no other art form, where to hang them is personal. We find that no area is off limits as they bring life to any room.
We have a large selection of custom moldings and matting; turn around time is usually within a few days to a week.

Table easles allow more options for framed images like this lovely Christmas portrait of three very happy and special Grands.

I hope you have enjoyed this visit to Steve and Judy's home; making their portraits is always pleasure.
Thanks Wilber and Margaret